Heather’s Copper/Rose Gold Balayage

On Friday, I had the honor of doing Heather R.’s balayage! Let me tell you guys, SHE WAS IN LOVE. And so was I! She had been battling boring hair for several months and was really looking to change things up with out being too dramatic!

With the color, we also cut off about 3 inches of dead ends! NOTE: Please do not skip hair cuts as your hair will just break off. It will continue to grow, but the ends will break off and you wont notice any length!

I created this look using L’ANZA 30g of 5NN with 60g of 10 vol. developer (gray coverage). Then balayaged just a few highlights through the ends (her ends were already pretty light) with lightener and 10 volume developer. After rinsing, toned with 20g 6B/10g 6RRC and 60g 10 volume developer for 10 minutes.

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