Sunglasses/Key Holder

Guys, this project seriously took like maybe 15 minutes! And it’s SO cute!

Ryan is obsessed with sunglasses. Which is okay, he likes collecting them! The problem is finding a place for them all to go (we were hanging them in the window blinds for the longest time, not cute). I wanted to find something fun and simple to hang by the front door… naturally I pulled up Pinterest and found a ton of just sunglasses holders, and a ton of just key holders… or some really elaborate ideas that would take too much wall space for our small apartment/too much time. While scrolling, I started combining ideas I found and decided to create my own for both keys AND sunglasses!

What you need:


All from Joann’s and cost about $10 total.

First, I placed the sticky letters on the canvas to make sure they all fit. (they did, barley)


Then, I secured them with some hot glue just to make sure they don’t pop off!

Next, I attached the ribbon to the back of the canvas. Leaving a little wiggle room to easily slide the sunglasses behind it.



I added another ribbon below the top one just so when there isn’t sunglasses hanging on it, it won’t look as weird.

SORRY! I forgot to put the hooks in the ‘what you need’ picture. But, you will need hooks also. I bought those from Joann’s as well.


I tapped them with the handle of the scissors before I started turning them just to get the tip into the wood of the canvas. I twisted them until I couldn’t see the thread of the hook anymore and turned them to point forward.




You can make this project as elaborate as you want, but I was really looking for something simple and cheap. I’m super happy with the outcome!

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