Bre’s mess…. I mean hair ;)

Bre is fun. And challenging… Lol she came in with this:


And wanted kind of an ashy pink/purple tone with a shadow root.

I deposited a demi 5NV to her roots and put L’ANZA Decolorizer with 10 volume developer through her ends with hopes of keeping some purple hues to help when applying the final color. WELL, the decolorizer sat for maybe 10 minutes and that purple was completely out. I WAS IN SHOCK. This never happens… especially with only 10 volume developer.


She lifted to about a level 8 before i rinsed her and began to apply the purple/pink color.

After a mishap with the first color… (it turned dark ashy purple for some unknown reason) …a did a soap cap to remove that and ended up putting L’ANZA Vibes in Magenta mixed with clear and smoke to dilute the magenta. AND FINALLY, the finished product:

Bre now has a darker purple/magneta color due to some miscommunication with purple JOICO, but that’s a story for another day! HaHa!

Price: $135 – Includes: Color, haircut, blowout and style!


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